Ultraviolet (UV-C) Disinfection Lighting Systems

Great for disinfecting and sterilising high-traffic areas like childcare centers, kindergartens, preschools, libraries, offices, schools, early intervention and therapy centers, hotels, eateries, cafes, restaurants, clinics, hospitals, meeting and conference rooms, shopping malls, retail shops, fitness gyms, recreation centers, cruises, eldercare and senior day activity centers, food manufacturing and preparation sites, cleanrooms, laboratories, etc.
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  • 3 different types of ultraviolet (UV-C) disinfection lighting systems - Air, Surface and HVAC

  • Our ultraviolet (UV-C) disinfection lighting systems use powerful ultraviolet lights with safety sensors to provide fast, safe and effective sterilisation of high-touch surfaces and high-traffic areas

  • Our team of highly-trained qualified professionals has the technical capabilities and expertise to install ultraviolet (UV-C) disinfection lighting systems and safety sensors and that meet all of NEA's safety engineering guidelines and requirements

  • Do contact us at or call (+65) 8752 3678 to enquire further so that we can advise and customise the most appropriate ultraviolet (UV-C) disinfection lighting solutions for your sites with your requirements


Benefits of on-site ultraviolet (UV-C) disinfection lighting systems

  • Chemical free - 

    Non-toxic - No chemicals / by-product produced during / after the sterilisation process

    Extremely safe for children, adults and elderly


  • Wider Reach - 

    Great for areas with high traffic and footfall; 

    Able to cover a wider area and surface


  • Ideal Solution - 

    Ideal solution for frequently-touched, intricate, hard-to-wipe equipment and surfaces etc.


  • User-Friendly - 

    Convenient and Easy to use and operate;

    Fully automated sterilisation process


  • Effective Disinfection - 

    99.99% Bacteria and germs effectively eliminated;

    Effective against contamination on air and surface areas


  • 100% Safe and Reliable - 

    Extremely safe for disinfection use on food, as well as food preparation services and non-food items


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