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Vimasol® LAVERE Foaming Hand Soap (5L)

Nextek International Pte Ltd
A high-quality, mild liquid foam soap with superior cleaning action. Produces a rich lather for easy spreading and rapid rinsing to effectively clean your hands. A unique formula, enriched with a special blend of anti-bacterial agents and moisturizers, leaves your hands with soft, refreshing after-feel.

Vimasol® LAVERE Hair & Body Wash (5L)

Nextek International Pte Ltd
Gently cleans and nourishes delicate skin and fine hair, leaving them clean and fresh. The protective formulas help to preserve softness and hydration. Infuses with a light pleasant scent to leave skin and hair smelling fresh and clean.

Vimasol® LAVERE Liquid Hand Soap (5L)

Nextek International Pte Ltd
A high-quality, skin-friendly hand soap enriched with moisturizer. Produces soft, rich lather foam for easy and long lasting protection, yet able to be easily rinse off for quick and effective cleansing. Leaves your hands with soft, silky and refreshing after-feel.

Vimasol® Mpower Multipurpose Cleaner (5L)

Nextek International Pte Ltd
A versatile multi functions cleaner formulated with natural ingredients and ideal for most surfaces. Effectively penetrates, emulsifies and lifts grease and grime with its gentle abrasive action without leaving behind harsh chemical or residue.

Vimasol® Purelite Gentle Dish Soap (5L)

Nextek International Pte Ltd
High quality, skin friendly liquid dish washing detergent with fast acting formula. Wipes away all the grime and grease off kitchenware perfectly with just a small amount of the liquid. Gentle on hands and absolutely safe to use while leaving dishes clean and sparkling.

Vimasol® Sanimizer Total Disinfectant & Fogger (400ml)

Nextek International Pte Ltd
A broad-spectrum anti microbial designed to kill germs and bacteria on contact via a total release fogger spray. Eradicates germs throughout the premises including hard-to-reach areas. Contains a proprietary odor counteractant for effective odor control. When dispersed, the mist particles encapsulates and eliminates airborne bacteria and odors, making the space safer and healthier for everyone.